Soul Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Channel, Guide, Author, 
Friend, Loner, Mother and Grandmother, Intuitive Empath, Turmeric Chai lover, Shoe Addict, Int’n Certified Law of Attraction Coach,
equally obsessed with ‘Real Housewives’ and Neuroplasticity, proudly lazy and selfish

‘Real Housewives’ and neuroplasticity are not my only obsessions… in fact, these both come third in the ‘I’m obsessed with’ stakes. My first obsession is my soul mission and life purpose closely followed by my obsession with the mission of the soul and how it interacts with an individuals life purpose.

During a journey with my guides many years ago, I was lead to ‘discover’ my souls mission and my current lifetimes purpose. I created a compelling Mission Statement that has become the driving force behind every moment of my waking hours “World Peace through Inner Peace, one person at a time (and it starts with me)”.

With such crystal clear clarity and a deep desire to fulfil it, I no longer had any doubt about what was important to me when it came to my life and my business. I stopped procrastinating, doubting and being distracted by shiny objects and I stepped into a daily experience of being led by my Soul, having the right people show up to hire me and help me, being invited to participate in opportunities to share my mission, finding exactly the resources I need and being supported at every turn.

I become the embodiment of my souls mission and my purpose and life started to suddenly match my inherent knowing that ‘life is supposed to be easy’.

You are invited to know this also – life IS supposed to be easy. Give up the struggle and drama and step into following your souls guidance in everything – your soul will lead you exactly where you have been TRYING to go, the journey along your purpose path.

Official Bio

Anne Aleckson is The Soul Speaker – a Transformational Speaker, author and channel giving a voice to the power within and creating transformation through the vibrational frequency of the spoken word. 

Anne is the creator of the Weird and Wealthy (with a side of woo-woo) Womens Finishing school, where gifted women, ready to manifest their mission and change the world, gather to get-it-done whilst avoiding procrastination, shiny object syndrome and the fears that come up when we step up to be seen, be heard and be paid.

As the direct voice channel for All-That-Is Anne offers private sessions for channeled guidance, insight and healing.

The author of children’s book My Secret Superhero and a contributing author alongside Dr Wayne Dyer and other World leading spiritual / self empowerment teachers in the best selling The Path to Success book Anne has also co-authored the best-selling book 365 Ways to Connect with your Soul sharing her story of ‘enlightenment at the kitchen sink’ dispelling the myth that you have to be a monk meditating on the top of a mountain in order to reach bliss and enlightenment. Her latest book will launch in September 2019, it’s about how to be the change you wish to see in the World and shares her vision of World Peace through inner peace, one person at a time.

Anne contributes articles to various lifestyle and spiritual publications including Hot & Healthy in Business, Insight Magazine, Holistic Bliss, Lightworkers World and Australian Content Magazine amongst others. She has been featured in media throughout Australia including Body+Soul, Cleo, Thats Life, and more.

Anne is the creator and facilitator of the Facebook community of thousands of World changing seekers B2C – Be the Change to See the Change.

As an Alchemist Anne transforms and evokes change in consciousness. Alongside being a catalyst for making inner and outer worlds collide she has the ability to change reality…often in an accelerated way. She believes in miracles and is entranced by meaningful co-incidences or synchronicities.

Anne is often proclaimed to be a Pollyanna for her unwavering optimism and faith in the inherent good of mankind. Life does not have to be hard or complicated as far as Anne is concerned and is at its most enjoyable when simplified.

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I speak on only one topic with various sub-topics — how to find and master your souls mission with ease (and manifest all the clients, resources, collaborations and opportunities to do it) so you can change the World. Whether you run an event, podcast, video or radio show…

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